Friday, March 1, 2013

One More Time: Abstract

So, trying it out, this abstract thing...yeah. 

#4 Join the Cult: Binge Watching vs. the Uplugged Premiere

House of Cards premiered last month, specifically, February 1st on Netflix. I didn't care. That isn't to say I had been looking forward to the show--in fact I have been looking for an excuse to watch the show for weeks now. But, I didn't really care about when it was coming out. I'd like to focus on  the new trend of binge watching shows and why it is ultimately the way we as media consumers are all going to go.

To do this, I'd "binge-watch" House of Cards by watching at least three episodes a day to finish the 13 episode season. This would generally define what binge-watching and hopefully allow for a clear mind on what that experience is like for those unfamiliar---then I would be arguing as to why this is ultimately the most personal and customizable way to consume media while simultaneously being the most addictive. 

Who: Er, House of Cards?
What: Binge Watching on Digital Mediums (Netflix, Hulu, Tivo?)
When: Now
Where: My laptop
Why: To Show the Effects of Binge Watching and Why It is Done


  1. Revised:

    The days of the premiere are coming to a close. Viewers are no longer dependent on major networks and their scheduled programming. People choose what they want to watch when they want to watch it--the Saturday night premiere, Monday exclusives--thrown to the wind. Some choose to binge watch--collecting episodes and watching them all in one go. Others select and personalize their queues with a haphazard collection of shows from Bonanza to House of Cards. All of which leads to the death of the proper-television watcher. Instead, in their place, are the instantly gratified members of the newest additions to binge culture.

    Also, Zac is using Jon's account for this. He typed it up on his laptop.

  2. I find this topic so interesting. I must admit, I am a frequent binge-watcher, yet I definitely understand and mostly agree with what you are saying, but then I wonder why I still binge. I really look forward to reading this when it's finished.

  3. One thing that's particularly interesting about this is the way that binge watching sort of discourages people from watching shows together. If I am at home my family can sometimes be in the same place long enough to watch a sitcom or two air for the week, but at school, plans to watch any particular show with friends usually fall apart when one of us ends up getting a million episodes ahead. People just can't be in the same place that long, usually. There are things to do.