Sunday, April 21, 2013

Canned Meat: So Does that Make Process Writing Silly Putty?

Like those pieces of newspaper clips rubbed off onto gelatinous impermanence of warm-flesh like stretched rubber that smells of dust and tile shavings.

"The trial and mild inconvenience of being a privileged white male. The first in a series. I am experiencing homelessness. "

I keep saying these words. Even as their impetus comes closer to a close, script keeps blossoming out its rusted soil. During a group discussion involving the paper, I realized how uncomfortable that statement (and others in my narrative post below) made readers. 

Instead of acquiescing those uncomfortable moments and themes, however, I wanted them bolstered. Enforced with more disgust and buttressed with distrust. I know someone, somewhere, said that is a bad idea. Maybe it is. I'll admit that I made the narrator less relatable, and perhaps that makes the piece harder to enter. Better yet, maybe it makes it easier to reject. 

Rejection of a narrator would have been a great objective, though I am not sure if that is what I intended. Deliberate confusion of the reader, and provocation of their sensibilities intrigues the writer in me as much as it challenges the creator outside of me. The only thing connecting the words sometimes is the thread of incoherence, self-doubt, and slathered opacity which viciously defends the body from outside contaminants. 

See Sophism. 

Um--does it re-create a stable, healthy, stale environment with a unstable, sickened, interesting environment? No, not necessarily. But I'd like to think that it challenges readers to combat truths they want to believe in others with the reality they face, and the ideas that nest themselves in the memetic gestures as familiar as a middle finger. 



Oh yeah, definitely the artsy type. 

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