Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Writing Process Stuff That I Should Have Done Earlier

It is no secret to most that I am uncomfortable writing about myself. Or speaking about myself. In general. It makes me quick, irritable, and overall ornery. But mostly it just makes me rambly and boring. For this story, I made the conscious choice to turn myself into a character--or at least my narration of myself. It is also difficult creating dialogue, or "remembering" dialogue, when you don't know if their is any. My desire to entertain comes in direct conflict with my desire to be as accurate as possible. While I am sure there are ways around it, i.e. with the use of current discussions and anochronisms in the realm of the story, it was still one of my greater obstacles for writing the piece as a whole.

Finding the right amount of personal information to give, when you know you are talking about someone that is at times lounging on the same Pikachu blanket as your are while writing on that laptop, was another struggle. This is also known as "I don't want to piss you off honey, because I generally enjoy our relationship and curry Thursdays." It's interesting how invasive we can be as journalists in other people's lives, but when it came to write about myself, I became much more conservative: hidden behind a character and delicately positioning my words as to not offend anyone but an grumbling Zac Clark Sr.

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